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At Laces Baseball & Softball Academy (LBSA) we strive to mold not just athletes, but good young men and women as well. Along with our student-athlete guidelines, we require a total of 40 community service hours per season, from November 1st - July 31st.

We at LSBA require each athlete to commit themselves to fervently support their communities in any number of ways, including things such as park clean-ups, gift/toy drives, clothing drives, and volunteering at their local YMCA/Food Bank/Church. The possibilities are endless!

Each athletes pledges to support the programs, projects, and activities of the organizations they volunteer for in an effort to open a wider horizon for the achievement of a better community.

We see this cause as an opportunity to become strong, dynamic young individuals for a better today and brighter tomorrow.

Along with this intent, we pledge to extend our time, efforts, and resources in helping our kids to be at their best to provide an added layer of the college pathways program. Helping our children boost their resumes in their searches for quality education beyond high school.

Players will be provided a volunteer log to track their community service hours. This log will be kept and added to the player's personal file.

Laces Baseball & Softball Academy seeks to help children achieve their goals through hard work, dedication, and personal growth.

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