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Would playing Select Baseball conflict with other sports? 
Laces is a 9 month program that will most likely have some conflict with other sports throughout the year. Laces is a firm believer in our players being multi-sport Athletes. At Laces we offer all of our players alternate practice times to help account for missed events due to other in-season sports events. We are always open and willing to work with conflicting schedules throughout the year.

Can you still play Little League while playing for Laces? 
Yes, Laces Youth players can still play in their Local Little Leagues through the age of 12. We would never want to take the opportunity to play in Williamsport from any of our players. Coaches and Administrators work hard on scheduling to avoid as many scheduling conflicts as possible.

How many/what age select teams does Laces have? 
Laces Baseball Academy currently has 6 select baseball teams ranging from 9u-15u, and 1 girls' 12u softball team lined up for the 2023 season. Laces Baseball Academy is focused on developing the Youth aged player in preparation for the HS Select circuit and College placement. We have only one team per age so that we can ensure thorough and equal coaching for every team.

Are Laces coaches required to pass a background check? 
New Coaches to the program that do not have History w the Academy will be required to do background checks. Laces Staff and Board of Directors will also do a thorough job of interviewing new Coaching additions to the Academy.

Are there scholarships available for camps & clinics? 
Laces annually offers Scholarship assistance for special need situation. Laces Board of Directors will be the final decision on who receives our camp/clinic/team annual scholarships.

Is there advertising available for sponsoring Laces
Laces does offer a Multi-Tier Advertising Sponsorship Package that allows Companies to Advertise their Business through Laces Social Media Platforms and Local Events. For more information please look at our Laces Advertising Sponsorship Form here.

Where do the Laces select teams have practice? 
Laces Baseball is a North Snohomish County Based Program. Currently Laces utilizes local fields, the Cuz Dome in Arlington, Washington, and Base by Pros in Lake Stevens. Laces is currently looking to expand and occupy their own Indoor facility for the 2023 season. More information to come! Laces uses Quake Fields, Evans Field, Lakewood HS and Arlington HS as their Outdoor Facilities. On Occasion throughout the year Laces will utilize long time relationships in the City of Everett by occupying Lincoln Field and Everett Memorial.

Does Laces have dads as coaches?
Laces Baseball Academy understands the difference between “Daddy Ball” and “Dad Coaches”. Laces has a strong history of playing Baseball the right way and teaching players to earn their opportunities through hard work and dedication, not by how one is related to a Coach. “Daddy Ball” is not and will never be a part of the Laces culture.

How far do Laces teams travel for tournaments? 
Laces Select Teams travel around the PNW and throughout the West Coast. Each year Laces Families are open to discuss Tournament Locations and distance. As Laces families are a part of the program for Multiple Years they tend to move around and branch out over the years.

Do you have to play for a Laces team to sign up for a camp? 
Laces Camps and Clinics are open to all players, not just Laces Players. Our experienced Coaching staff is all about preserving the right way to play this beautiful game and want to allow all youth players the opportunity to learn from the Best Staff in the Area. 

Can anyone sign up for private coaching sessions? 
Any player is open to sign up for lessons from any of our Experienced Coaches! Laces offers individual and group lesson packages to all ages and positions. 

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