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Laces Testimonials

"Being a part of Laces Baseball Academy was key to my development as a baseball player. Player development was always priority number one and that helped shape me into the player I became and the coach I am today. Improvement in physical abilities occurred but the mentality side of the game was instrumental in development. I owe a lot of my successes in playing and now in coaching to my time spent with Levi Lacey and the staff at Laces Baseball Academy. I cannot praise this organization enough."

David Benson. Laces Baseball Academy, Everett CC Baseball,

Centenary University, Seattle Studs, Head Coach Cascade HS

“Playing for Levi Lacey and the Laces Baseball Academy taught me how to compete, play the game hard and the importance of being a part of a brotherhood. We also had incredibly engaged and knowledgable coaches and Levi’s passion and leadership is unparalleled. Playing for Laces taught me the value of honest feedback, hard work, and how important it is to compete every single pitch.”

Arlo Evasick. GSL Tournament Director, Laces Baseball Academy,

Everett CC Baseball, Seattle University Baseball

"First class coaching and training helped my son compete and excel at the highest level through high school and college. Very balanced approach not only on every aspect of baseball, but on life, school, grades and being a positive influence in society. The culture Levi has created in his academy is something very special that gets passed down onto the kids"

                              Jim Hacker, Collegiate level umpire

"I played for Laces baseball academy for 3 years and coached in the organization for another 4. I have a sense of pride being a part of the first Laces team ever my 15 year old year. And once I was in the program, I never really left. I owe the majority of my success as a baseball player and as a coach to the lessons and coaching I received while with this proud organization. There is a reason Laces has been around for as long as it has. The program has a visible track record of getting their players to the next level and turning young boys in to men. This is due to the ex college and professional coaches and trainers that are and always will be a part of the program. Once a Laces baseball player, always a Laces baseball player."

Ricky Holm - Bellevue University Alumni, Everett CC,

Laces Baseball Academy, Assistant Coach Bellevue University

"We love the Laces organization. It offers great camps, winter training, and amazing coaches. The teams focus on sportsmanship and teamwork, and all the academy support is definitely worth the commute!"

Draper Family, Monroe WA

"Laces Baseball Academy offers an exceptional coaching and mentoring program. By stressing personal responsibility, mutual respect, and commitment to excellence, LBA endeavors to develop strong character athletes on and off the field."

                                                 Anonymous, Arlington WA

“We have been so excited throughout the time we've been with Laces, to watch our son's self-confidence go through the roof, as his baseball skills did the same. Working with Laces was the turning point for him. The coaches are incredible and the attention to detail in the training is seriously next-level. It has been worth every minute and dollar, especially when you start seeing those first over-the-fence home runs and your kid starts training at home on his own because he can't get enough now. We're so thankful we found Laces!"

                             Anonymous, Arlington WA

"I just wanted to thank you for putting on a great camp this week. You and your team reignited a spark in (my son) that had been dimming a little bit this year. I appreciate your positive coaching and approach. He came home each day tell me about the coaching he received and adjustments he was making."

Anonymous, Arlington WA

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