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Laces Management

Laces Baseball Academy was started by Levi Lacey in 2005, and after a few years of having to step back from management in order to focus on his position as a full time MLB Scout for the Texas Rangers, Levi is now able to pour back into managing laces, while still working with the Rangers is their Four Corners Scout. Along with this shift of management and Levi being more hands-on again, we also have an amazing team of coaching staff, our managment team, and our Board of Directors, that are all excited to be a part of what Laces brings to our community.

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Owner/Director:  Levi Lacey

Co-Owner:  Heather Lacey 

Coaching Coordinator:  Kyle Swenson

Academy Manager: Kory Dyer


Levi Lacey
Robert Brooks
Mike Gange
Kenny Muñoz
Darren Westergard
Katy Fridrich


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