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At Laces, we are focused on providing an equal amount of energy into ensuring the kids in our program are not just great ballplayers, but great students and people as well.

We require all athletes in our program to maintain set standards for both their academics, as well as their citizenship. Ensuring that we are teaching our athletes to put their best foot forward, each and every day.

Part of our academy offering is the tools and resources for kids and parents alike.  We have worked with elementary, middle school, high school, and colleges from all over the country to create the necessary resources for parents and kids.


Tutors, classroom curriculum demoes, and college pathway information are only a few of the things we provide here.

LBSA seeks to help all our student-athletes achieve their post high school goals, and that starts even at our youngest groups.

As a collegiate national champion and MLB scout, Levi will provide any student-athlete with the necessary connections, recommendations, and recruiting calls your child needs.  All student-athletes who show hard work on the field, in the classroom, and in their communities, will have direct recruiting access made available to them.

Join us as we help to mold exceptional young men and women!

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