All Laces teams are coached and trained by quality instructors with college level play or coaching experience, years of select coaching, and/or pro baseball experience! We believe the game of baseball can teach young men important life lessons. Our coaches are dedicated to not only developing baseball skills, but character and work ethic as well. Our staff expect respect for self, team, and others at all times.


1. Paid coaches with high level of experience (college, pro, years of select or school coaching).

2. College Placement - We have connections throughout the country and work hard to help provide our athletes with opportunities to pursue their goals at the next level.

3. MLB Scouts - We have 3 MLB Scouts that work with us as camp and clinic coaches etc, providing a top-notch level of evaluation, training, and exposure.

3. Year-round training environment - We take some time off to rest at the end of the season and over the holidays, but we utilize indoor facilities when weather requires, so we can stay on our game.

4. Over 15 Years of tradition and successfully seeing kids' goals realized

5. Family Environment - We take seriously the responsibility we have in influencing young men in the habits and character they develop, and we are honored to come alongside families in our community.

What Does a typical year with Laces look like?

Nov - Winter Training/Team Practices

Dec - Winter Training/Team Practices

Jan - Winter Training/Team Practices

Feb - Winter Training/Team Practices

Mar - Laces Games/Practices/Tournaments

April - Laces Games/Practices/Tournaments

May - Laces Games/Practices/Tournaments

June - Laces Games/Practices/Tournaments

July - Laces Games/Practices/Tournaments

Rest is a crucial aspect for youth development, and we also place high value on the importance of family time, and the prioritizing of both. After the peak of Tournament season wraps up around July each year, we slow to a resting pace for a few months as school starts back up and over the holidays. In that time, we may still have an occasional scrimmage or some optional practices, as well as camps or clinics.