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Private Training FAQ

Can anyone sign up for a private training session?
Any player is open to sign up for lessons from any of our Experienced Coaches! Laces offers individual and group lesson packages to all ages and positions. 

Are parents allowed to stay for the sessions?
Yes, Parents are always welcome to stay and watch. We do ask that if parents choose to stay and observe, that they refrain from trying to assist in coaching from the sidelines, as it can be distracting for the kids and we want to make the most of the coach's input in the time allotted. 

Are parents required to stay for the sessions?
No, Some parents opt to leave during the training session. 

Where do the training sessions take place?
Location varies depending on the weather and facility availability. Currently Laces works out of Cuz Dome in Arlington, Washington. Laces is currently looking to expand and occupy their own Indoor facility for the 2023 season. More information to come in 2022. Laces uses Quake Fields, Evans Field, Lakewood HS and Arlington HS as their Outdoor Facilities.

Can we request a specific coach?
When it works out we can sometimes accommodate a specific coach request, and when it is not possible, we will make sure to pair you with a coach with the appropriate experience for the training area of focus and need.

What age kids can sign up for a session?
The typical age range that Laces is focused on is the 10-15yr old range, however we are happy to work with youth outside of that age-range who are eager to learn and show they are teachable and capable of making the most of training sessions. 
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